Mental health

Mental health

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was so exhausted after school that I fell asleep right after coming home.

I have been wanting to talk about mental health for a long time. I have been struggling with anxiety for a few years now and I feel like this is a topic that needs more attention. I´m not a doctor or anything, I´m just talking about my own experience.

Anxiety and depression are becoming more and more common among teenagers. For me, living with anxiety is a challenge, and dealing with it is becoming more difficult every day. For example, I can´t go to a lot of places, parties, etc, because I know that I will feel uncomfortable and just want to go home right away. I also need to hide my feeling on daily basis. I can´t show that I´m feeling anxious because someone will point it out and it will only get worse. I can´t speak to almost anyone without trying to avoid eye contact or blushing and just wanting to end the conversation.

Going to public school is nerve-racking for me because I need to talk to other people, make presentations and always be around someone. Being alone in front of the class just feels like I´m trapped somewhere and I can´t leave. I start blushing and sweating, my hands start to tremble, and my voice breaks. But for example, being in front of the class with 2-3 people feels more comfortable and doable. This is also the reason I liked the online school period. I try to talk to most of the teachers if I can do something else or do my presentation only in front of them and not the whole class. Fortunately, most of the teachers understand my problem.

I have listened to a lot of lectures that have been helpful for me. I have also discovered some tricks that help me relax, so I will insert some of the video links here.

Breathing exercise:

I like to listen to this one while falling asleep:

Box breathing technique:

I personally think that it is possible to get rid of anxiety. It will require a lot of work with yourself and self-love. I definitely have more control over my mental health than I did before and that makes me proud of myself.

I know that many people aren´t even aware that they might have anxiety, so here are some videos to find out, if you have been dealing with hidden anxiety:

Thank you for reading and I hope that if you are struggling with your mental health as well, you´ll get better and start loving yourself more.

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