I woke up early today to go to the gym and have a productive day. Waking up was hard and I didn’t feel as motivated as I thought I would feel, so I decided to go on a light jog around the neighborhood and enjoy the weather.

The run wasn’t good, but at least I moved myself a little. Maybe I didn’t have a good night´s sleep and that was the reason I wasn’t feeling energetic at all. I was planning to run for 20minutes but ended up only running for 15 because I felt like I was torturing myself. So I decided to give my body a break and stay at home for the rest of the day.

But later that day my friend asked me to join her in a yoga class. I thought that it might be good for my body, so I decided to take part in it. The class lasted for an hour and it felt amazing. Spending time with friends and taking care of myself at the same time truly feels excellent.

I recommend sometimes spending a day or two on yourself, it feels refreshing and is every now and then essential. Turn off your phone and don´t think about anyone other than you, because you are the only main character in your life. And you are the only one who can make your life the best.

I was thinking about making a 4 or 8-week training plan with Youtube videos, so that people who don’t know where to start or want to try something different, can follow that. And also, let me know if I should post what clothing to wear with different temperatures because running in winter can be tricky.

Thank you for reading and don´t forget to give me some tips for better posts.

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